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UL 142 Vertical

UL 142 Above Ground Vertical Storage Tanks

Vertical storage tanks are commonly used in areas where space is an issue, as they consume a smaller footprint than horizontal tanks. We offer single wall and double wall above ground vertical storage tanks in sizes ranging from 150 gallons to 30,000 gallons. They can be constructed of mild carbon steel or stainless steel. Interior coatings are available when additional corrosion resistance is needed. Exteriors come standard with red oxide primer. We have a selection of colors customers can choose from if a painted topcoat is desired. We offer a full line of safety accessories, such as stairs, ladders and catwalks for our above ground vertical storage tanks. We have many options for spill prevention. Tank equipment packages are available for customers who prefer a turn key job. With this option, pumps and equipment are pre-mounted to the tank and plumbing is pre-installed prior to shipment. Our above ground vertical storage tanks are suitable for the storage of a variety of products including gasoline, diesel fuels, antifreeze, oils, lubricants, waste oil, biodiesel, chemicals, water storage and more.
UL 142 Above Ground Vertical Storage Tanks
UL 142 Above Ground Vertical Storage Tanks
UL 142 Above Ground Vertical Storage Tanks
Single Wall Vs Double Wall​

Single Wall Vs Double Wall

Fire codes, environmental policies and SPCC (spill prevention, control and countermeasure) regulations have a secondary containment requirement for aboveground storage tanks. To meet this requirement, UL 142 double wall above ground vertical storage tanks are commonly used. UL 142 single wall tanks are also commonly used, where open top containment boxes or concrete dike structures provide a secondary containment. Purchasing a single wall above ground vertical storage tank can be to the buyer’s advantage if a secondary containment already exists or can be constructed at a low cost. Single wall storage tanks are less costly than double wall storage tanks. The drawbacks of owning single wall storage tanks VS double wall tanks are costs of installation, costs if a concrete dike must be constructed. Also, there is periodic maintenance involved. Relocating single wall storage tanks within a concrete dike can be an issue, as concrete dikes are permanent structures. A double wall above ground vertical storage tank would be a cleaner application and less time would be consumed in maintenance. There is no need for continuous disposal of collected contaminated water. Depending on the situation, the costs of installing and owning single wall above ground vertical storage tanks may outweigh the additional costs to purchase double wall tanks. Each user should study those costs to determine which tank is the best investment.

The UL 142 Standard

The UL 142 standard for steel aboveground tanks for flammable and combustible liquids is one of the most common construction standards for the tank industry. One type of tank covered under this standard is the single wall storage tank. Underwriters laboratories (UL) is an accredited developer of standards for product safety and performance. UL standards are widely recognized in the United States and Canada across many industries. UL certified or listed means that UL has tested product samples and determined that it meets UL’s nationally recognized standards for safety. A UL product listing or certification demonstrates the manufacturer’s experience in the industry, the commitment it makes to quality and steps it has taken to ensure its products can be safely used. There is no legal requirement that all tanks must be UL certified or listed. However, the regulating authority or fire marshal may set such requirements in their jurisdiction.

The UL 142 Standard​