Water Truck Tanks

Clark Welding Service is a manufacturer of water truck tanks and has developed the Rain on Demand product line over the years by consulting with customers.

Rain on Demand.Water Truck Tanks

Our water truck tanks are designed with durability in mind, featuring:
. 5800 Gallon capacity
. Built on ¼ x 3 x 6 tubing rails
. Material: Bottom- ¼ in., Side & top- 3/16 in.
. Inside - Full baffles side to side and front to back
. Continuous solid welded seams inside and out
. Red oxide rust-inhibitor coating inside and out. Painted any color.
. Opening in top for drop loading and 6 in. thread-opening for pump-in loading
. Access ladders on front driver's side and rear
. 4 in. vent in top

Clark Welding Water Tanks.Clark Welding Water Truck Tanks

Clark Welding Service water truck tanks include top quality parts.
. Berkeley B3ZRMS water pump
. Commercial 31 series hydraulics - hydraulic pump, direct coupled to PTO.
. Air operated spray heads with in-cab control console.

Whether it be for the construction or mining industry, our water truck tanks can be designed to meet your needs.

Options offered for our water truck tanks include:
. Front and side duck bill washer sprays for washing roads
. Rear nozzles for dust control
. Gravity water bar enabling use of machine when pump is down
. Self retracting hose reel with hose and nozzle
. Water cannon
. Self priming pump including suction hoses with screen and storage tubes, which
enables operator to fill water truck tanks from ponds and streams

Our water truck tanks are fully customizable, offered in a variety of sizes

Water Truck

We are also a supplier of parts for water truck tanks - pumps, cannons, valves, sprays, fittings and more


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