Above Ground Self Contained Storage Tanks

Clark Welding Service offers environmentally safe above ground self contained storage tanks ranging from 300 gallons to 30,000 gallons for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids. These tanks comply with EPA regulations for aboveground tanks for the storage of petroleum and chemicals, local/state regulations and SPCC plan requirements.

Above Ground Fuel Tanks




Overfill Protection

Did you know that more than 90% of spillage from above ground storage tanks is due to overfill?

We concentrate on controlling and preventing overfills. Overfill alarms are mechanical devices, powered by batteries, which periodically need changing. People will often fail to do so. Mechanical devices tend to fail due to wear and corrosion. The design of our self contained storage tanks provides added protection from spillage in the event such device should fail.

Cost Savings

Any potential leakage or overfills that may occur in our self contained storage tanks are captured in the sealed interstatial space between the inner tank and outer wall. Therefore, there is no spillage and the customer does not lose product, as the product is not contaminated and can be retrieved.

Our self contained fuel storage tanks often cost less than a comparable double wall or underground system.

Collision Protection

In most places where tanks are set, you are required to install boasters for collision protection. With our self contained storage tanks, it is acceptable to use the interstitial space between the outer wall and the inner tank instead of boasters.


Our self contained storage tanks include essential features such as:

Overfill Protection Overfill chamber with lockable cover
Mounting Brackets Pre-drilled/ measured brackets, which fit Clark Welding pump boxes & platforms enabling the customer to easily change from one pump to another without modification to the product.
Skids Heavy skids, enabling tanks to easily be pulled to different locations. Pull plates are also available as an option.
Self Contained Tanks Secondary containments which accommodate more than 110% of the tank's capacity

Spillage Prevention Options

Clark Welding understands the importance of spillage prevention on the job. We offer many spillage prevention accessories, which can be added to our above ground self contained storage tanks. More information on the spillage prevention options we offer on our tanks here

Safety Features

Clark Welding above ground self contained storage tanks can be equipped with safety features which help our customers to meet OSHA and MSHA requirements; also to promote quick and safe use by the delivery personnel and customers. More information on the safety features we offer on our tanks here

Turn Key Job - Equipment Options

Clark Welding Service offers a variety of pumps and accessories, giving our customers the option of a turn key job, having your above ground self contained storage tanks plumbed to your specification, ensuring the most economical and efficient operation. More information on equipment here.

Available Stock Paint Colors
Caterpillar Yellow
Forest Green
Machinery Gray


Customizations can be made to all above ground self contained storage tanks to meet any need.

Delivery and Freight

We ship nationwide and offer very competitive freight rates. More information on freight here



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